dave jackson: voc, guitar, harp
guntmar feuerstein: voc, guitar, banjo, mandoline




Dave Jackson (UK)

voc, guitar, mandolin,
born in Scarborough, England
profession: gents hairdresser
roots: Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Motown, Elvis
colour: tartan
food: homemade
guru: John Lennon
f ilm: The Magnificent Seven
pet hate: alarm clock
favourite hobbies: sex, dogs and rock 'n' roll
favourite drink: tea in the morning, beer at night

Guntmar Feuerstein (D)

voc, guitar, mandolin, gitjo
born in Bochum, Germany
profession: piano teacher
roots: Beatles, Eagles, Jackson Browne,
colour: blau
food: everything that my wife cooks for me (except for parsley, Kapern ... she knows what I mean)
guru: Donald Fagen
film: One flew over the cookoo´s nest
pet hate: unpunctuality
favourite hobbies: making music or eating, don´t know
favourite drink: Single Malt, red wine, beer





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