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BIG BETTY(D) git & guitjo DADGAD

2009 Feuerstein/Jackson

Up and down round and round
she'll kick your feet right off the ground
in and out around the barn
Oh Big Betty don't do me no harm

Now come on all you brave young men
drink on up and step right in
it's dancing time Big Betty's on the floor
hope you're all in pretty good shape
cause once you're in there's no escape
we've never seen a man to cry for more

Up and down round and round ...

Big Betty loves to circulate
like a wagon wheel oh she can’t wait
but watch out for her helicopter swing
you’d wish that girl will hold you tight
spin you round like a satellite
you wanna be back in the eye of the hurricane

Up and down round and round ...

She danced herself into a sweat
She takes a break and you can bet
she'll drink a jug of beer down in one swig
followed by a bottle of rye
soon she'll drink the barrel dry
now Big Betty's ready ... to kick – ass

Up and down round and round ...