dave jackson: voc, guitar, harp
guntmar feuerstein: voc, guitar, banjo, mandoline



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Cover Artwork + Illustration:
Christoph Heuer

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"Let's call it Home"

L.BOW GREASE (ruhrfolk 4005)

L. BOW GREASE’s third album shows the continuous development of this extraordinary string band. “Let’s call it home” is a harmoniously balanced album and perfectly reflects what the four musicians call “transatlantic folk”.

They wander effortlessly through different styles, while remaining firmly committed to Celtic and American roots. They are humorous and contemplative, perform with virtuosity and are always on the look out for new limits. Yet again, Dave Jackson and Guntmar Feuerstein prove their outstanding song writing abilities.

What seems at first to be light and airy, soon reveals itself to be the perfect combination of great arrangements and modern production. L.BOW GREASE’s sound is striking, compact, sometimes even fat and a welcome surprise in these modern days of mainstream radio.

Alongside the regular line-up of Dave Jackson (vocals, git), Guntmar Feuerstein (vocals, guitjo, git, mando), Alexandra Krings (bass, vocals) and Sascha Loss (fiddle, harp, vocals), the album includes performances by top quality guest musicians: Nils Tuxen (Texas Lightning), Andrew Cadie (Broom Bezzums), Chris Hall und Hartmut Hegewald (Cajun Roosters), as well as Matthias Malcher and Ulli Sieker (Looping Brothers).

Produced by Dave Jackson & Guntmar Feuerstein





First comments:

Greg Cahill (Special Consensus, IBMA Chair/President):

“Dave Jackson and Guntmar Feuerstein have once again come up with a very enjoyable and entertaining recording. They wrote all of the songs on Let’s Call It Home and assembled a wonderful group of musicians to make the music with them, including fellow L.Bow Grease band members Alexandra Krings (bass) and Sascha “Salossi” Loss (fiddle) and several guest artists.

The first song (Dead Man’s Hand) captured my interest and the reflection of many different musical styles throughout the recording kept the flow moving quite nicely, which held my interest right to the very last chorus of the last song (Rug Rat). I sensed the influence of so many different genres that were well represented – old-timey string band music (Big Betty), jug band music ala Jim Kweskian (There Once Was), old-time country music (Blue Nights), bluegrass music (The Days Go By Slowly), Cajun music (Queen of New Orleans) and even what might be considered 1960s pop or “skiffle” ala Herman’s Hermits (Precipitation).

This variety of styles combined with cleverly written lyrics by Dave and Guntmar makes for a mighty fine recording that should serve L.Bow Grease well. Enjoy!“

Andrew Cadie (Broom Bezzums):

"It was an honour to be asked to play on this CD  - and it's always enjoyable working in the studio with Guntmar!"

Rienk Janssen (Strictly Country Magazine, EWOB):

“With much pleasure I have been listening to L.Bow Grease's new album. They call their music 'transatlantic folk', and it has many elements that such a description implies, but more than anything, they make their own music. The fact that I did not know any of the songs before, is no guarantee that they have written them all by themselves, but I suspect they did, judging from the conviction that shines through the strong singing and very good melodic and rhythmic playing.

L.Bow Grease brings a great diversity in moods and styles, very lively and entertaining (just like their live shows...).”



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