L.Bow Grease back in Scotland

Let's call it home - from November 26th till the 4th of December we play a couple of gigs in Scotland! Our friend Paul McKenna has helped us a lot putting a little tour together, thanks again, Paul! Kick off will be at the Partick Folk Club in Glasgow on Friday 26th, to be followed by Aberdeen, Great Western Hotel on Saturday, Sunday it's the Wee Folk Club in Edinburgh, back to Aberdeen on Wednesday to the Blue Lamp (Aberdeen Folk Club), Hootenannys in Inverness on Thursday andFriday at the Stonehaven Folk Club. We can't wait!


14.1.10 - George Kaye is the new fiddler of L.Bow Grease!

The fantastic fiddler George Kaye has joined us on semi-permanent loan from his band The Permanent Cure . George has already played a few gigs with us over the past year so we were able to witness at first hand the enjoyment and fun that George spreads in his unique way. Our musical motto "transatlantic folk" could hardly be more suitable to a musician who has been combining Irish and American music since the 70's and was one of the first to bring Bluegrass to Europe. The passionate pilot (yes, see his myspace page!) replaces our previous fiddler, Sascha Loss.


The new L.Bow Grease Album is in the making

It's taking form as we speak - or better as we correspond. Like our first two previous CD's we have some guest musicians to help us out, including  Chris Hall (cajun accordion and triangle) and Hartmut Hegewald (fiddle) from the Cajun Roosters, Nils Tuxen, a fine pedal steel- and dobro player, also a great fiddle playing friend of our's Andrew Cadie from the duo "Broom Bezzums". So it's just now a matter of polishing up the album, eg mixing, mastering, (making tea) ... is the bass to loud ... what's that strange noise???,,,Oh it's a Ukulele...and so on and so forth. Some of our fans may have already heard the odd rough mix or two on our myspacesite.


Listen to “there once was"!

anhören Premix there once was

Any road up! The new Album will arise this coming autumn. We still have'nt got a title for it yet, any body got an idea? If so send us an e-mail to inspire us. From September we´re on tour to test out the new songs from our Album. Check out our tour plan, to see if were playing some where near you.


Scotland Tour 2008

picture gallery

Guntmar and his wife Anja (who took most of the pic’s) have been in Scotland many times before on vacations together, on the other hand for Dave it was his first time ever. Although Dave was brought up in the North of England which is a stones throw away from the Scottish border he’d never eaten Haggis before until his first night in Edinburgh which was served up at the Herbertsons house. Thanks to Keith and Alison for the Haggis Neeps n Tatties and also for their great hospitality.

Altogether we played 9 gigs in 12 days, including a Radio-Interview with Radio SHMU FM 99.8 in Aberdeen hosted by a lovely chap called Gus McDonald who helped us out in our hour of need.

The first two gigs in the Edinburgh Folk Club and the Acoustic Music Club at the Polish Club (hoy!) in Kirkaldy, we played support for Robin Laing, Folksinger and Whisky-Bard who is a joy to see and listen too. We also played a second gig at the same venue in Kirkcaldy as the Main Act which was a great night as well.That Polish beer man - WHOOOO!

Many thanks to Robin & Ursula for putting up with us, thanks also to Sandy & Fiona, Barman John Blankenstein, and last but not least David & Mary Stewart for Meals-Squeals & Reels.

A big (Thanks) to Steve Crawford & Spider MacKenzie for getting us gigs in their home town Aberdeen, where we had a great time and a good session at the Tunnels with Smokin Catfish, an excellent Aberdeen bluegrass and old time band. Our last gig took place in the Blue Lamp Aberdeen Folk Club along with Steve and Spider. We´re all lookin forward to your German Tour in December lads. See you both at the Acoustic-Live-Xmas-Folk-Night in Dortmund. CHEERS.

We also spent 3 days on the Isle of Arran during a short break between Gigs, stayed in the Ormidale Hotel in Brodick, and on the Sunday night we played at the Session there, a good night was had by all. A visit to the Arran Distillery was a must, where we sampled the Water of Life-“Hic”. A most pleasant evening was spent at a Folk Club in “Quarter”,a small village near Hamilton at the Bully Inn, where the Chapelton Acoustic Music Club hold their Folk-Nights, some great singers and good beer to behold.

The very last performance we did was in a picturesque village on the South West of Scotland called ”Moniaive”, where folk music enthusiast Hugh Taylor organizes concerts- festivals and joins in the festivities at the local Craigdarroch Arms Hotel. Where the late night sessions and eatin-drinkin take place, in the very capable hands of Gary, owner and the man who makes the best Fish'n Chips this side of the border.

Nice one, Gary!




Pickin´ with Robert Crumb!

Wer erinnert sich noch an Robert Crumb, den genialen Zeichner und Erfinder des Underground Comics? Er war in das Dortmunder Museeum am Ostwall zu einem Vortrag eingeladen und hat es sich nicht nehmen lassen, ein paar Old Time Songs mit der spontan zusammengestellten "Fabulous Essen-Dortmund String Band" (Christel, Achim, Alexandra und Guntmar) zu picken. Robert ist ein alter Folkie und knibbelt ganz ordentlich auf der Mandoline rum! Der Kontakt kam durch Christoph Heuer zustande, der unsere CDs Greased Lightning und Spam Mail illustriert hat. Links und rechts sind Fotos von der wirklich netten Session mit Robert, der übrigens, wie viele Linkshänder es gewohnt sind, die Rechtshänder Mandoline einfach verkehrt herum spielt. Videos dazu unter: